How Slim Bootloader turned fantastic in this pandemic
12-01, 23:20–23:50 (Europe/Berlin), Main Stage

The open-source Slim Bootloader project began 3 years ago with the goal of providing a boot firmware that’s specific to Internet of Things use cases especially in Intel-based embedded systems and solutions. It’s also designed to be small in flash footprint, boots fast, secure, extensible, and easily configurable.
Since its inception, Slim Bootloader has matured into a robust boot firmware with multiple exciting new features such as Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) technology, Functional Safety (FuSa), Firmware Update Resiliency, enhanced firmware & Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP) configuration just to name a few. As Intel continues to release various new processors and System on Chips (SoC), the Intel team has continued to enable Slim Bootloader support for them on the respective reference platform offerings.
This talk will provide a state of art update of what has changed over the years and what we’ve learnt from maintaining it in the open-source community.

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Yah-Wen is a Senior Firmware Tech Lead from the Intel Internet of Things Group. He has close to 18 years of experience mainly boot firmware for products such as desktop & laptop motherboards, test & measurement instruments (PXI) and Intel Architecture based-IoT embedded solutions. He's an active Slim Bootloader evangelist.

Aside from technology, he's also passionate in health & fitness and spends his free time as a certified Personal Trainer specializing in fat loss & body composition.

Firmware Engineer working on the Slim Bootloader project.