Tillitis Key - A USB security key inspired by measured boot and DICE
09-19, 11:15–11:45 (Europe/Stockholm), Main Room

What began as Mullvad VPN's research project is now its sister company. We will present and demo Tillitis Key - a new kind of hardware security key inspired by measured boot and DICE.
During use firmware on Tillitis Key derives a unique key for each application it runs by measuring it before execution. This is done by combining an application’s hash value with a unique per device secret. Tillitis Key’s design encourages developers to experiment with new security key applications and models in a way that makes adoption easier and less risky for end-users.
Attendees at OSFC will receive an engineering sample of Tillitis Key as part of the goodie bag. Links to schematics, PCB design and FPGA design source as well as all software source code will be provided during the talk. Tillitis Key is and always will be open source hardware and software.

See also: Presentation (3.8 MB)

Fredrik is slightly obsessed with creating more trustworthy computer systems and therefore frequently fantasizes about not using them. He co-founded Mullvad VPN, invented the security architecture System Transparency, co-designed the transparency log Sigsum and most recently Tillitis Key. His expertise lies at the intersection of strategy, computer security, and creativity.

Sasko has worked with product development at companies like Ascom, Ericsson, Qamcom and LumenRadio ever since he took his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. Today he is the CEO of Tillitis.

MC is a programmer who has been working mostly with network protocols and has contributed to many open source projects.