Using Open Firmware for Automated Gateware Discovery
09-21, 12:15–12:30 (Europe/Stockholm), Main Room

An automated gateware detection mechanism was devised in an effort to build a software
system with the goal to improve performance and reduce software development time spent
on operating gateware pieces by reusing existing device drivers in the framework of the
chosen technology. This dissertation describes the design and implementation of a mechanism that automates gateware 1 device detection for reconfigurable hardware.
This dissertation first investigates the system design to see how each of the user specifications set for the KAT (Karoo Array Telescope) could be achieved in terms of design decisions, toolchain selection and software modifications.
The system implementation is then described and issues related to the process of integrating gateware, bootloader and kernel interfaces are discussed.

Niharika Vadluri is a Firmware Intern at Accenture India. She is an active open source contributor since 2018. She graduated in 2021 with majors in Electrical and Electronics. She has been an active member and contributor in PSF,, Linux and Fossasia Open source Organization. She has given talks at Pycon Indonesia, Pycon Taiwan, Fossasia Summit 2019 and Poster Presentation at Pycon USA 2022.