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  • Enabling coreboot for Open System Firmware on Arm servers
Adriana Kobylak

Adriana is a Software Engineer at IBM that has been working on the OpenBMC project since its creation. She maintains the OpenBMC repositories that manage the firmware update process, and the meta-ibm yocto layer in the OpenBMC project.

  • OpenBMC Flash Layouts and Firmware Updates
Allan Jude

CTO and co-Founder of Klara Inc., Allan has been a part of the FreeBSD community since 1999 and an active participant in the OpenZFS community since 2013. The co-author of "FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS" and "FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS", Allan is an expert in operating systems and storage.

  • US Cyber Trust Mark: Is your firmware ready?
Cliff L. Biffle

Cliff would like the world to be filled with more robust firmware. He's working to provide more tools and techniques for achieving that, mostly by moving away from the memory-unsafe languages that account for most security bugs in shipping software.

Cliff is not here representing his employer, but he currently writes firmware and tools for Oxide Computer Company, and has previously done embedded systems work at Loon and assorted other projects at Google X.

  • Turn your code inside-out: programming (and debugging) bare metal with async Rust
Daniel Hansson

Mainly embedded software developer. Now developing the security key - TKey, at Tillitis. Previously developed products in the IoT domain.

  • Develop for TKey
Daniel Maslowski

I like giving talks and workshops.

In my free time, I work on free and open source software, especially operating systems and distributions, bringup and application firmware, with a focus on tooling, integration, and documentation.

I created Fiedka, the firmware editor.

  • Aligned on RISC-V
Daniel Schaefer

Software/firmware engineer at Framework Computer Working on all sorts of code running on the laptops, be it operating system applications, drivers, BIOS applications, keyboard firmware, embedded controller firmware and more.

  • Building an Open Source Ecosystem for the Framework 16
Elyes Zekri

PhD/Engineer in Computer Sciences, currently working as Engineering Manager at Scaleway, a french Cloud Service Provider.
Passionate about design and development of IT systems with a particular interest in embedded systems, firmware and hardware management.

  • Provision Open Source Firmware system at scale
Fredrik Stromberg

Fredrik's main interest is the design and construction of more trustworthy computer systems.

Together with his colleagues and collaborators he works on the open-source projects System Transparency, Sigsum and Tillitis TKey. A decade and a half ago he co-founded Mullvad VPN. His interest in computer security, strategy and creativity started a decade before that. He's a fourth-generation business owner and a third-generation inventor.

  • Towards authentication of transparent systems
Gunnar Mills

Gunnar Mills is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM working on the OpenBMC project. Gunnar maintains four OpenBMC repositories, including webui-vue and bmcweb, OpenBMC's web-based user interface and web server, respectively.

  • Theming the OpenBMC GUI to meet company requirements
Jean-Marie Verdun

I am thrilled by computers. I spent a lot of time designing them at architectural and hardware level, and participated to crazy projects, including building up the biggest european super computer in the late 90's. I love to share my knowledge and enable people to design better computers. I am particularly focused on open technologies currently, which includes design tools like FreeCAD, KiCAD, and open source firmware projects like linuxboot and OpenBMC. I used to work for big companies, created a french based startup that I successfully sold to an american company in 2018. I am now part of HPE mainly focused on open platforms. What does it mean will be known in a couple of months / quarters and years.

  • Provision Open Source Firmware system at scale
Jeffrey Booher-Kaeding

Jeff works as a Systems Architecture Engineer in the Arm Architecture and Technology Group. Jeff has worked with a variety of open source projects in the areas firmware, server manageability, and the Arm SystemReady certification program.

  • Enabling coreboot for Open System Firmware on Arm servers
Jens Drenhaus

Jens is Firmware Developer at 9elemtents Cyber Security

  • Getting started with System Transparency
Jian Zhang
  • Field practice on BMC coredump analysis
Julius Werner

I am a tech lead for Arm firmware and firmware security in Google's ChromeOS team and have been working on Chromebook firmware for over 10 years. I am also an active maintainer in the coreboot and Trusted Firmware projects.

  • When boot security goes wrong: the story of the IGNOREME GPT
Laura Abbott

Laura is a software engineer with experience in low level systems. Her past
work has focused on the Linux kernel in areas ranging from memory management
to kernel maintainership. She was a member of the Linux Foundation
Technical Advisory Board from 2018 to 2022. Laura's current role is at Oxide Computer
focusing on software in Rust for microcontrollers.

  • So you think you found a hardware issue: from misunderstandings to CVEs
Lei Yu

Firmware engineer at ByteDance.
Open Source Enthusiast

  • Field practice on BMC coredump analysis
Martin L Roth
  • Status update for AMD openSIL and Coreboot integration
Mathias Brossard

Mathias Brossard is a Principal Security Architect at Arm.

  • DAPLink: the side-kick to your next project?
Matt Keeter

Matt Keeter is an embedded software engineer at Oxide Computer Company, where he works on bare-metal firmware, debug tools, and system integration. He previously worked at Formlabs, a 3D printing startup, in a variety of roles – from desktop software to electrical engineering to tech lead – as the company grew from 12 to 600 people. His work has been featured on the Sparkfun and Hackaday blogs, and published in ACM Transactions on Graphics. He is based in Cambridge, MA; when not wrangling embedded systems, he enjoys rock climbing and writing weird GPU code.

  • Unplugging the Debugger: Live and post-mortem debugging in a remote system
Michael 'MC' Cardell Widerkrantz

MC is an applied researcher and programmer working with software on open hardware and helping defining the hardware/software interface at Tillitis.

  • Develop for TKey


  • Enabling coreboot for Open System Firmware on Arm servers
Patrick Williams

Patrick is a software engineer currently at Meta where he leads their BMC software team. He has worked on systems management firmware at various companies for a long time. Patrick was one of the founding developers of the OpenBMC project and is a primary maintainer.

  • asynchronous dbus with C++ co-routines
  • Meta's OpenBMC process: a case study from the Bletchley system
Ritvi Mishra

Ritvi Mishra is a multifaceted artist, maker, and firmware engineer who is passionate about creating beautiful and functional works of art. With a background in IoT and firmware engineering, she brings a unique blend of technical and creative skills to her work. Ritvi is known for her expertise in stained glass art, macrame, and other forms of artistic expression. She runs art workshops that encourage self-expression and creativity, inspiring others to explore their own artistic talents.
In her free time, Ritvi has recently become obsessed with scuba diving and other water sports. She is always looking for new challenges and ways to push her limits, both in and out of the water. As a maker at heart, Ritvi is proud of her extensive plier collection and her small but mighty maker setup. She believes that anyone can tap into their inner artist with the right tools and guidance, and she loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.
Ritvi's unique background and diverse skill set make her a dynamic and engaging speaker. Whether she's discussing the intersection of technology and art, or sharing her experiences as a scuba diving enthusiast, she brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

  • Embarking on the Zephyr Journey: A Beginner's Guide to the Open Source RTOS
  • The Art of Firmware
ronald g. minnich

Ron Minnich has been working in Unix kernels since 1976. Along the way, he started the LinuxBIOS, a.k.a. coreboot; oreboot; u-root (u-root.org); LinuxBoot; and other projects. He is currently employed as a Senior Principle Engineer in the Systems Research Lab at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technolgy.

  • Tamago and tinygo: working with firmware and kernel written in Go!
Sasko Simonovski

Sasko has a background as hardware developer and over 20 years of experience of working within the telecom and IoT space. Today he is CEO of Tillitis.

  • TKey project update
Simon Glass

Simon Glass has worked in embedded systems for many years, at ARM, Bluewater Systems (which he founded) and Google. In ChromeOS, Simon is responsible for driving adoption of Open Source firmware components in the industry ecosystem. He is a primary contributor to U-Boot and custodian of its driver model, with around 8000 commits in total. Simon is married with three children and lives in Colorado.

  • U-Boot as a coreboot payload
Vagrant Cascadian

Vagrant Cascadian works on the Reproducible Builds project and
maintains packages of several Open Source Firmwares in the Debian
project, including u-boot, trustedfirmware and opensbi. Vagrant spends
other free time fiddling with an open hardware based solar
photovoltaic system and getting thrown around as an aikidoist.

  • Reproducible Builds All The Way Down
Varshit Pandya

Firmware Engineer, passionate about all things firmware and open source.

  • Status update for AMD openSIL and Coreboot integration