Develop for TKey
10-12, 14:30–15:30 (US/Pacific), Workshop I

Workshop on getting started with developing apps for TKey. The end-goal is for all participants to be able to build and run TKey applications.

We will have a short presentation about the architecture and building blocks, introducing the toolchain and emulator for TKey, while spending the majority of the time on a code walkthrough - which you should be able to follow on your computer.

If you want to come fully prepared to the workshop you can;
- install podman and download our tkey-builder:2 container image (instructions:
- Clone our repositories:

MC is an applied researcher and programmer working with software on open hardware and helping defining the hardware/software interface at Tillitis.

Mainly embedded software developer. Now developing the security key - TKey, at Tillitis. Previously developed products in the IoT domain.