TKey project update
10-12, 11:00–11:15 (US/Pacific), Main Track

Last year at OSFC in Gothenburg, we revealed ourselves and our radically open source security key - TKey - to the world. A lot has happened since and we are back with an an update.

Last year at OSFC, in Gothenburg, we revealed Tillitis and our radically Open Source USB Security Key - TKey - to the world.

One year ago, we presented a concept, idea and a prototype. The concept TKey is based upon is measured boot and this is what makes TKey flexible. A cryptographic function the user wants to perform is loaded onto the TKey (a small program, we call it app), measured and executed on the same. The app gets access to a secret that is partly derived from the hash of the app itself. Only RAM memory is used and nothing is stored in persistent memory. To run another app on TKey, it will need to be power cycled. All-in-all this means that apps cannot access each other's secrets and a TKey never stores secret information. TKey is basically a safe/secure environment for executing cryptographic functions.

We have released the fully Open Source Firmware and Hardware TKey to the market. In this talk we will give you a short update on what has happened this last year.
- The team
- The product
- The plan forward

Sasko has a background as hardware developer and over 20 years of experience of working within the telecom and IoT space. Today he is CEO of Tillitis.