The Art of Firmware
10-10, 09:45–10:15 (US/Pacific), Main Track

Open-source firmware is revolutionizing the world of technology, offering endless possibilities for creative exploration. This talk will delve into the exciting intersection of open-source firmware and art projects, revealing the power of combining technology and creativity to foster a unique learning experience. Participants will discover how to leverage open-source firmware to create interactive art installations, kinetic sculptures, and more, simultaneously unleashing their creativity and technical prowess.

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, open-source firmware stands as a beacon of innovation, allowing developers and enthusiasts to modify and enhance the functionality of various electronic devices. However, the potential of open-source firmware extends beyond its conventional applications. By bridging the gap between technology and art, we can unlock a world of boundless imagination and expression.

This conference talk proposes to inspire attendees by showcasing the wonders of learning open-source firmware through art projects. During the session, we will explore how art can be a powerful catalyst for learning and experimentation, encouraging participants to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to their technical pursuits.

Key Points to be Covered:

  • Introduction to Open Source Firmware:

  • Definition and significance of open-source firmware.

  • Overview of popular open-source firmware platforms.

  • The Marriage of Technology and Creativity:

  • Discussing the inherent connection between art and technology.

  • Highlighting successful art installations using open-source firmware.

  • Empowering Learning through Hands-On Projects:

  • Step-by-step guide to creating interactive art installations.

  • Using open-source firmware to animate kinetic sculptures.

  • Breaking Down Barriers to Entry:

  • Addressing common misconceptions about firmware development.

  • Promoting inclusivity in the open-source firmware community.

  • Inspiring Innovation and Collaboration:

  • Encouraging participants to share their art projects and ideas.

  • Discussing the potential for collaborative art-tech initiatives.

  • Leveraging Art as a Teaching Tool:(Optional and based on audience preference)

  • Examining the benefits of art-based learning in technical domains.

  • Discussing educational experiences that combine open-source firmware and art.

By the end of the talk, attendees will have gained a fresh perspective on open-source firmware and its potential applications beyond traditional technology domains. Moreover, they will be motivated to embrace their creative instincts and explore the world of art projects as a means to enhance their learning experience and inspire innovative solutions.

Join me in this exhilarating exploration of open-source firmware and art, and let's unleash our collective creativity to revolutionize the way we learn and interact with technology. Together, we can bridge the gap between art and tech, creating a harmonious synergy that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Ritvi Mishra is a multifaceted artist, maker, and firmware engineer who is passionate about creating beautiful and functional works of art. With a background in IoT and firmware engineering, she brings a unique blend of technical and creative skills to her work. Ritvi is known for her expertise in stained glass art, macrame, and other forms of artistic expression. She runs art workshops that encourage self-expression and creativity, inspiring others to explore their own artistic talents.
In her free time, Ritvi has recently become obsessed with scuba diving and other water sports. She is always looking for new challenges and ways to push her limits, both in and out of the water. As a maker at heart, Ritvi is proud of her extensive plier collection and her small but mighty maker setup. She believes that anyone can tap into their inner artist with the right tools and guidance, and she loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.
Ritvi's unique background and diverse skill set make her a dynamic and engaging speaker. Whether she's discussing the intersection of technology and art, or sharing her experiences as a scuba diving enthusiast, she brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

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