u-bmc, the next gen BMC software stack born from the u-root ecosystem
11-30, 17:00–17:30 (Europe/Berlin), Main Stage

This talk will be about u-bmc, a proof of concept project born out of the idea of having u-root on the BMC side as well. I will talk about the basic structure of the software stack, the way u-root and gobusybox can assemble a complete userspace that lives in a single binary, the advantages it has over OpenBMC as well as the disadvantages. In addition concepts like IPMI will be compared to gRPC which is used by u-bmc. A very short part of the presentation will also be held about u-bmc's buildsystem called Taskfile as it fits will within the topic. The current state of development and a roadmap will also be presented. This includes possible directions this project can take and also shows the progress it made in the past and how it shifted from using U-Boot to using LinuxBoot and how it could be slimmed down further using other Open Source projects that focus on barematel boot logic of ARM SoCs.

See also: slides (1.6 MB)

Cyber Sec student at the Ruhr University Bochum and student worker at 9eSec. Passionate about security features on ARM, the Linux Kernel and coreboot. Hosts Clusters in his free time and has subpar soldering skills.