Alex Ermolov

Alex leads supply chain security research & development at Binarly Inc. With more than 10 years of experience in researching low-level design, firmware and system software built for various platforms and architectures, he helps to create a solution for protecting devices against firmware threats.

  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it?
  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it? (Workshop)
Alex Matrosov

Alex Matrosov is CEO and Founder of BInarly Inc. where he builds an AI-powered platform to protect devices against emerging firmware threats. Alex has more than two decades of experience with reverse engineering, advanced malware analysis, firmware security, and exploitation techniques. He served as Chief Offensive Security Researcher at Nvidia and Intel Security Center of Excellence (SeCoE). Alex is the author of numerous research papers and the bestselling award-winning book Rootkits and Bootkits: Reversing Modern Malware and Next Generation Threats. He is a frequently invited speaker at security conferences, such as REcon, Black Hat, Offensivecon, WOOT, DEF CON, and many others. Additionally, he was awarded multiple times by Hex-Rays for his open-source contributions to the research community.

  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it?
  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it? (Workshop)
Chris Koch
  • Platform Integrity Attestation at Scale
Christian Walter
  • Open-Source Firmware Foundation - Discussion Round
  • Testing platform for Open System Firmware
Cliff L. Biffle

Cliff is a software generalist at Oxide Computer Company working on server system software. He's spent the most recent 12 years of his career neck-deep in low-level applications from processor sandboxing on Native Client, to stratospheric avionics firmware at Loon, to machine learning ASIC design at Google. He has a passion for equipping programmers with better tools that let them build more complex things, faster, with fewer defects, which caused him to get really excited about Rust around 2015. He is the author of "Learn Rust the Dangerous Way," a tutorial aimed at C systems programmers like him.

When not exchanging services for currency, he enjoys building absurdist electronic art and upending fashion norms.

  • On Hubris and Humility: developing an OS for robustness in Rust
Daniel Maslowski

web developer working on firmware, operating systems and distributions in his spare time

  • Fiedka the Firmware Editor
Jan Dąbroś

Jan Dąbroś is an embedded software engineer interested in firmware, hardware and security.

He is working at the Semihalf - company based in Cracow, Poland. Previously he was working on different firmware projects (both for embedded and server class platforms), including U-boot, ARM-TF and EDK2. Recently he has engaged in development of the coreboot.

  • Unit testing coreboot - status update after one year
Jeff Andersen

Jeff Andersen focuses on hyperscalar platform integrity solutions at Google. He has worked on Google's in-house Titan root-of-trust chip and is now looking to apply Google's domain experience to help advance the state of attestation APIs in the wider industry.

  • Platform Integrity Attestation at Scale
Jeffrey Booher-Kaeding

Jeff Works as a Systems Architecture Engineer in the Arm Architecture and Technology Group. Jeff has worked with a variety of open source projects in the areas firmware, server manageability, and the Arm SystemReady certification program.

  • Arm LBBR requirements for open source LinuxBoot firmware
Jeremy Linton

Software Engineer at Arm, on the opensource communities and distro's team. Our mandate is to assure that our partners machines, new architectural features, and software products, are enabled on Linux. The goal is to make the ecosystem "just work".

  • Making the RaspberryPi SystemReady: A study in applying firmware standards to nonstandard hardware.
Johnny Lin

For the past 10 years, I had been working on Linux embedded system bootloader, kernel driver and user space software.
My current focus is on coreboot and Linuxboot development for server.

  • coreboot/LinuxBoot Development on OCP Server Delta Lake
Jonathan Cooke

Jonathan has worked in the security industry since 2010, doing a variety of things related to abusing the security of systems. Currently, he is employed by Google to help secure its production data center servers.

  • Platform Integrity Attestation at Scale
Kai Michaelis

Kai Michaelis is co-founder and CTO of immune GmbH set out to build a solution for platform and supply chain security. He’s also a co-founder of the Open Source Firmware Foundation. He earned a Masters degree in computer security in 2018 from Ruhr University Bochum and has previously worked on GnuPG.

  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it?
  • PADSEC Opening
  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it? (Workshop)
Lean Sheng Tan

Sheng is a firmware engineer working on coreboot and Slim Bootloader projects after joining Intel in 2017. Since then he has developed a keen interest in firmware development and actively involved in open source firmware initiatives . Outside of work Sheng is a tech geek and enjoys playing Frisbee.

  • MicroPython based interactive platform configuration for Coreboot
Loo Tung Lun

Tung Lun is a senior BIOS lead at Intel Corporation focusing on BIOS and bootloader solutions design and power on activities on IOTG platforms. He had successfully brought up BIOS and bootloaders for Apollo Lake, Elkhart Lake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and future Intel IOT platforms.

  • MicroPython based interactive platform configuration for Coreboot
Martin Hutchinson

I'm a software engineer on the TrustFabric team at Google. The TrustFabric team works on Trillian, Certificate Transparency, and also research into other verifiable data structures, witnessing, and more.

  • Designing Transparency Systems using the Claimant Model
Marvin Drees

Cyber Sec student at the Ruhr University Bochum and student worker at 9eSec. Passionate about security features on ARM, the Linux Kernel and coreboot. Hosts Clusters in his free time and has subpar soldering skills.

  • u-bmc, the next gen BMC software stack born from the u-root ecosystem

I am firmware/BIOS engineer working primarily on coreboot BIOS. I am interested in open source projects and looking forward to collaborate and work on multiple projects

  • MicroPython based interactive platform configuration for Coreboot
Maurice Ma

Xiang (Maurice) Ma is an Intel software architect on IA firmware, BIOS and bootloader. He has more than 19 years’ extensive experience in the legacy BIOS, UEFI firmware, bootloader and embedded OS development for various Intel IA platforms including embedded systems and workstation/servers, focusing on the core architecture, firmware security, silicon reference code design and prototyping as well as platform enabling and porting. Now he is focusing on IoT firmware and bootloader initiatives, including Intel FSP, Slim Bootloader, UEFI payload, etc.

  • MicroPython based interactive platform configuration for Coreboot
Michał Kopeć

Michał Kopeć is a Junior Embedded C Developer at 3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting. He's been involved with maintaining firmware for the PC Engines apu devices as well as helping port fwupd to FreeBSD. He is an enthusiast of all things open source with a special interest in firmware.

  • Open Source Firmware on modern Intel based laptops
Morten Linderud

Morten is a Open-Source developer interested in supply-chain security, vulnerability management, linux distributions and software development. He has contributed to the Arch Linux distribution since 2016 along with other projects.

  • Improving the Secure Boot landscape: sbctl & go-uefi
Philipp Deppenwiese
  • Open-Source Firmware Foundation - Discussion Round
Piotr Król

Piotr Król is a multi-disciplinary executive running several companies in the embedded systems and semiconductor industries, including 3mdeb, LPN Plant, and Vitro Technology. Piotr helps companies around the world realize their products’ potential by supporting upgradeability and enabling advanced hardware features through firmware.

His career started in Intel’s Data Center Division. He went through building storage controllers validation frameworks to implementing hardware initialization code for modern server platforms as BIOS Software Engineer realizing that the firmware ecosystem has to change and become more open.

After seven years at Intel, Piotr went on to start his own consulting company. Piotr specializes in Embedded Firmware (coreboot, UEFI/EDK2/BIOS, training, and security), Embedded Linux (Yocto, Buildroot, OpenWrt), and Trusted Execution Environments. His teams contributed to NGI projects related to open source implementation of Trusted Computing D-RTM, a firmware update for QubesOS and BSD systems, and working on bringing more open-source firmware and hardware-related projects in the future.

He is an active leader in the firmware community, speaking at events like the Platform Security Summit, Open Source Firmware Conference, and FOSDEM. Piotr is open-source software and open-source hardware evangelist, active in the Open Source Firmware (e.g. coreboot) and Linux communities.

  • S-RTM and D-RTM: Better Together
Richard Hughes

Richard has over 15 years of experience developing open source software.

He is the maintainer of the LVFS, fwupd, libxmlb, ODRS, GNOME Software, AppStream-glib, PackageKit, colord, and UPower and also contributes to many other projects and opensource standards.

Richard graduated in 2007 from the University of Surrey with a Masters in Electronics Engineering. He now works as a principle engineer for Red Hat, and once built a company selling open source calibration equipment. Richard's outside interests include taking photos, eating good food and looking after his two daughters.

  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it?
  • Expanding the LVFS Ecosystem
  • The firmware supply-chain security is broken: can we fix it? (Workshop)
ronald g. minnich

ron started the coreboot project in 1999. He also started the u-root and linuxboot projects, more recently.

  • RunDXERun: safely running DXE bootloaders, in a VM, with a Go VMM
Ryan O'Leary

Ryan O’Leary is a core developer of LinuxBoot within Google. Ryan contributes significantly to u-root, fiano, oreboot, and was a key researcher of the LinuxBoot project in its early stages at Google.

  • oreboot: 2021 Status Update
Sai Kiran Talamudupula

Firmware Engineer working on the Slim Bootloader project.

  • How Slim Bootloader turned fantastic in this pandemic
Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud

Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud is a Sr. Principal Architect at Arm Architecture and Technology Group, working on firmware architecture, industry standards, and the Arm SystemReady certification program. His work focuses on Arm infrastructure enablement from cloud to edge. He leads and contributes to industry standards bodies, including the UEFI Forum, DMTF, OCP, CXL Consortium, and the Arm System Architecture Advisory Council (SystemArchAC).

  • Arm LBBR requirements for open source LinuxBoot firmware
Sriram Ramkrishna

Sriram Ramkrishna works for ITRenew Inc as a Principal Ecosystems Engineering - using his over 22 years of experience in free and open source communities and a diverse set of skill sets from IT to marketing and social media, to engage with upstream projects.

Sri revels in creating meta communities and building coalitions in order to advance high level goals whether for his employer or for his personal ambitions.

  • Testing platform for Open System Firmware
Subrata Banik

Subrata Banik is a Firmware Engineer with twelve years of industry experience in system firmware design,
development and debugging across various firmware architectures like EDK, coreboot, Slim bootloader etc. for x86
and ARM platforms. Subrata has experience working for all leading PC-makers. Subrata is an active member of open
source firmware development across different projects like coreboot, oreboot, EDKII etc., where he is one of the top
ten contributors in the open firmware (coreboot) community. Subrata has 17 US Patents approved and is very
passionate about learning new technology and sharing knowledge among enthusiast engineers. Subrata has
presented his technical talk at industry events such as Open Source Firmware conference, Institute for Security and
Technology, Intel Developer Forum etc. Subrata is also a first-time author working with Apress publication on
publishing two of his books on essentials of System Firmware and Firmware Development.

  • MicroPython based interactive platform configuration for Coreboot
Vincent Zimmer

Vincent is an engineer working on firmware in the Pacific Northwest.

  • An evolutionary approach to system firmware
Yah-Wen Ho

Yah-Wen is a Senior Firmware Tech Lead from the Intel Internet of Things Group. He has close to 18 years of experience mainly boot firmware for products such as desktop & laptop motherboards, test & measurement instruments (PXI) and Intel Architecture based-IoT embedded solutions. He's an active Slim Bootloader evangelist.

Aside from technology, he's also passionate in health & fitness and spends his free time as a certified Personal Trainer specializing in fat loss & body composition.

  • How Slim Bootloader turned fantastic in this pandemic